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The Trouble with VPNs

A VPN, or virtual private network, can cause connection issues and complications when connecting to EmailPointer. In some cases causing authentication loops where EP would send the confirmation email, look for authentication when it arrived but, due to interference from the VPN, would not find it and send another confirmation email and repeat. Disconnecting the VPN resolved this issue, and allowed for EP to authenticate the device.

Email Authentication Loop

VPNs are commonly used to both protect a users’ internet connection as well as remotely connect into a work environment. However, because they become an intermediary between the user and the internet, they can interfere with applications that rely on internet connectivity. Depending on the VPN, their specific protocols and security measures, this can cause issues with EPs’ authentication as well as other connectivity errors to Pointer References while using EP.

Fortunately, any required VPNs can be reconnected after authentication, allowing for connecting to remote systems, servers, or files.

If an issue with authentication is experienced with EP or Pointers to remote servers etc., disconnecting from, or connecting to, any VPNs should be one of the first steps to solve the problem.

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